COP27 : I’m Attending a COP for the first time

This year, covering COP27 for my media, « Madha Yahduth, » and several African radios was an incredible opportunity. I never expected it to be such a chance for daily networking and meeting with politicians, policymakers, and civil society leaders. It was surreal to be on the same bus as the ex-Australian Minister of Defense or to interview African Ministers.

As the only Tunisian journalist covering the event, I felt fortunate to have access to the presence of the head of the Tunisian government and to be one of ten journalists invited to the official ceremony. By chance, I even stood behind the journalist who inspired me on TikTok.

Meeting with colleagues from different outlets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and worldwide was also a highlight of the event. Connecting with other journalists passionate about science and environmental reporting was inspiring.

This experience reminded me of how I started in science journalism in 2020, and it has reaffirmed that it was the best decision I ever made, thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. The opportunity to cover COP27 has given me a renewed sense of purpose and motivation to continue pursuing this field.

A picture with the Tunisian delegation, specifically the head of the government and the Minister of Environment.